Get to know me.

Who am I?

Hello and thanks for checking out my web portfolio! I'm Ryan Montgomery. Currently, I'm a senior studying web development at Brigham Young University - Idaho. Typically, I'm more interested in working with back-end development, but I've also gained some experience with front-end development and design.
I've always had a love for working and playing with technology and computers, but I also enjoy other things! I love the summertime and spending time on the beach. I enjoy music, and I've been known to sing a lot (I need the practice). Family and friends are important to me; I don't like being alone. And... That's me in a quick nutshell!

What have I done?

Several years ago, before I started attending BYU-Idaho, I studied computer science at another university. A lot of my programming background comes from the experience I gained from those classes. My major and school has changed, but that experience has still been helpful for me in my work. Lately, I've been gaining knowledge about all things web development! I've designed and coded web sites. I've created web applications. I'm also currently learning a lot about databases. Some of the coding languages I've learned since starting here at BYU-I include: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript (including JQuery), Oracle, and MySQL. I've tried to include many of my projects here for you to peruse. You can also download my resume for more information.